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Bitcoin Broker List of Top Forex Brokers

 Brokers     Platform Regulation    Cryptocurrencies   Min. Deposit
etoro copy trader bitcoin broker list top pick Webtrader, Crypto Funds CySEC, FCA BTC,ETH,XRP,DSH,LTC $50
avatrade top bitcoin Broker List ActTrader,MT4 ASiC, BVI, FSA(JP), FSB, MiFID BTC,ETH,XRP,DSH,LTC $100
marketstop bitcoin broker list MT4 CySEC,FSB BTC $100
xtb top bitcoin broker list MT4 FCA BTC,ETH,XRP,DSH,LTC $250
24option bitcoin broker list  MT4  CySEC BTC & LTC Outside EU  $250

There are many more Forex brokers that offer trading in Bitcoin.

but these are the ones that made the Bitcoin Broker List.

this list will be updated regularly and the best brokers will be shows in the right order,

See below for more in depth information on every Broker.

etoro copy trader bitcoin broker list top pick

Etoro is a known Broker that has taken trading to another direction and also another level.

They offer trading for beginners and experienced traders but the most important difference is that they offer copy trading  and a social trading community that is active and will assist you as a beginner to get started the correct way, with their copy trading you as a trader are able to just copy the trades of the best traders in their enormous network

Etoro Offers Trading in Bitcoin and also Copy trading and also Copy trading and Copy Fund.also they offer several other cryptocurrencies to be traded.

Currencies for one Unit Symbol Typical Spread Overnight Fee
(per 10,000 units)
Sell Buy
Bitcoin BTC 0.70% -0.47 0

Currencies for one Unit Symbol Typical Spread Overnight Fee
(per 10,000 units)
Sell Buy
Dash DASH 3% -0.04 0
Ethereum Classic ETC 5% -0 0
Ethereum ETHEREUM 2% -0.04 0
Litecoin LTC 3% -0.01 0
Ripple XRP 3% 0 0
Broker Details Info
Regulated By CySEC, FCA
Headquarters Cyprus
Foundation Year 2007
Publicly Traded No
Number Of Employees 500
Tel:357 2 5030234
Account Type Info
Min. Deposit $50
Max. Leverage 1:400
Mini Account No
Demo Account Yes
Segregated Account No
Islamic Account Yes
Managed Account Yes
Trader Level Yes/No
Beginners Yes
Scalping No
Day Trading Yes
Weekly Trading Yes
Swing Trading Yes
Social Trading Yes

avatrade top bitcoin Broker List

Avatrade was one of the first brokers that offered trading in Bitcoin.

as a reputed regulated broker that every trader has come across, Avatrade has a established itself as one of the best Fore brokers in the industry and one of the Forex Brokers that Pioneered CryptoCurrency trading for the industry

  • They offer Bitcoin CFD trades with up to 20:1 leverage
  • Traders are able to start trading Bitcoin from Minimum deposit of  £100/$100/€100
  • Volatility makes for an excellent addition to any financial trading portfolio.
  • AvaTrade Bitcoin Broker offers zero commissions on Bitcoin Online trading and no bank fees charged on transactions.
  • The Bitcoin market is available to traders 24/7*, for maximum convenience
  • 1-click functionality allows you to buy/sell Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash on our MT4 platform.

Like with all forex brokers this is offered as a CFD and in this case you do not enter the Market, when you are trading Bitcoin  with AvaTrade,  you are trading on the price changes of the digital coin, and not actually buying Bitcoin.

  • The maximum accumulated position size for Bitcoin is 100 BTCUSD (10 LOTS).
  • The maximum accumulated position size for Bitcoin Cash is 100 BCHUSD (10 LOTS).
Instrument Minimum Spread (Pips) Typical Spread (Pips) MetaTrader Leverage MetaTrader Margin AvaTrade Act Leverage AvaTrade Act Margin Minimum Nominal Trade Size
BTCUSD** $34.00 over market $34.00 over market 20:01 5% 20:01 5% 0.1
BTCEUR** €38.00 over market €38.00 over market 10:01 10% N/A N/A 0.1
BTCJPY** ¥5000 over market ¥5000 over market 10:01 10% N/A N/A 0
BCHUSD** $5.00 over market $5.00 over market 5:01 20% N/A N/A 0
Regulated By ASiC, BVI, FSA(JP), FSB, MiFID
Headquarters Ireland
Foundation Year 2006
Publicly Traded No
Number Of Employees 500
Contact Information
Tel:1 212 941 9609
Min. Deposit $100
Max. Leverage 1:400
Mini Account Yes
Demo Account Yes
Premium Account Yes
Segregated Account Yes
Islamic Account Yes
Managed Account Yes

marketstop bitcoin broker list

Trading Bitcoin with is a choosing for Security is is one for the more known and experienced Trading companies in the market, they simply do their jobs,  offer everything you require as a trader and let you trade with their support through a wide arrange of tools and service

Bitcoin Futures

Spread Per Unit 140.00 USD Spread (%) 1.3314 %
Premium Buy -0.1400 % Premium Sell -0.1400 %
Initial Margin 100.0000 % Maintenance Margin 50.0000 %
Leverage 1:1 Position Expiration Period N/A

Trading CFDs in Cryptocurrencies carries significant risk of loss of all invested amounts. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile instruments. Please read the Investment Services Agreement clauses 17.3-17.6 to fully understand the additional risks associated with trading CFDs in Cryptocurrencies.


Markets offers to their traders several different trading platforms: the  WebTrader, Markets Mobile WebTrader, Native Android and IOS Apps, MetaTrader 4 + Tablet. All of these platforms are fully supported and you are able to check them out with your demo account.

All the platforms offered by Markets are intuitive , user-friendly and are widely available as web-based trading platforms,

The trading platforms are conform today compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Those who want to trade on the go can use the Market Mobile Trader platform that is compatible with Android, and iOS devices.

  • Regulated By CySECFSB
  • Partnerships Arsenal Football Club
  • Headquarters Cyprus
  • Foundation Year 2008
  • Publicly Traded
  • Tel:+357-2-203-0583
  • Min. Deposit $100

Trader Level

Beginners Yes
Professionals Yes
Scalping Yes
Day Trading Yes
Weekly Trading Yes
Swing Trading Yes

xtb top bitcoin broker list

XTB was founded originally under another namey called X-Trade. this was taking place in  2002 and there were the first forex broker that was established in Poland.

Today, they have become the 4th largest stock exchange listed forex and CFD brokerage firm in the world. XTB’s operations cover most of the world and have offices in more than 13 different countries including Poland, France, Germany, Turkey and the UK.

Bitcoin Instrument specification

  • Nominal Value of one Lot  –  BTC 1
  • Size of one PIP  –  0.01
  • Minimum Quotation in Step (in points) –    0.01
  • Minimum/Maximum Order Size in Lots  –  0.1, max 50
  • Minimum Transaction Step in Lots  –  0.1
  • Trading Hours  –  24 h from Saturday 4:00 am to Friday 10:00 pm

Basic & Pro  – General provisions:

1. Instruments BTCUSD, ETHUSD, XPRUSD, LTCUSD and DSHUSD ara available only on xStation platform on STANDARD (market execution only) and PRO offer.

2. The maximum amount of Client involvement in Open Positions (either long or short) on BTCUSD, may not exceed 100000 EUR

XTB Bitcoin Trading Platforms

XTB has 2 main types of trading platforms for its traders to choose from, the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and the xStation 5 platform.

The MT4 trading platform is the most popular trading platform in the industry and comes with a wide range of trading tools.

They allow expert advisors and their MT4 comes with all the bells and whis

XTB Bitcoin trading

tles that you are able to get. The platform is of course also available on mobile allowing you to trade on the go and where ever and whenever you want.

  • Regulated By the BaFin, CMB, FCA and KNF.
  • Headquarters Located in United Kingdom
  • Foundation Year in the Year 2002
  • Tel:+44 (0) 20 3695 3085
  • Minimum Deposit is $250

24option bitcoin broker list

24Option Bitcoin Broker | was founded in 2009 and has expanded to take a strong presence in the Forex trading market.

24option bitcoin broker is fully regulated by main European regulatory body CySEC in Cyprus. You can open an account with 24Option with a minimum of $100 and trade Forex and CFD contracts through MT4 – one of the most popular trading platforms among retail traders. With trading offices around the globe, 24Option has established a strong presence in the financial markets.
since their Start they have grown and after the Binary Options market became not the best market to be in, it was a natural organic transition to offering Forex trading and adding the Metatrader 4 platform. since these people are first and foremost experiences and professional the transition went rather smoothly.
Address Kolonakiou 39 Agios Athanasios, 4103 Limassol, Cyprus
Headquarters Limassol
Free phone +357 25 262789
24 hour support YES
Trust management  YES
Partnership programs  YES
Expert advisors  YES
Free education YES
1st deposit bonus  YES
Mobile trading  YES
Demo account  YES
24 hour trading  YES
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type fixed


This is a good question and here at bitcoin broker list we will try to answer that.

Today there are many of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges are offering Trading in the crypto currencies they are supporting. why not also trade there?

If you think about it, you buy bitcoins dashripple or Ethereum. have them in your wallet and then later you sell them again the moment the price is where you wanted them.

This is not trading as I mean, this is investing.! And you can also not hedge your wallet. Where as with trading you have liberties and are able to play the market instantly.

So, trading you actually do not own any of the coins that you are trading. The same format works for the forex industry. You do not actually buy the currencies, you trade or speculate on the value of the Coin and according to that you are able to Earn money or lose money.


So what would be the advantages of Trading cryptocurrencies with a forex Broker instead of an Exchange like Coinbase or ?

There are several advantages that a forex broker offers or possesses over an exchange:


One of the most important advantages is actually experience. Most of the brokers, at least the brokers we have here on Bitcoin Broker Review, have been in the business for at least 5 years, most of than even more than 10 Years, they have seen I all and lived through it all. They know what it takes to run a broker and provide their clients with the trading tools and services that a trader requires.


Regulations is important for the simple fact that you should see it as an insurance for you. The crypto currencies are not regulated, this is the appeal to these currencies to begin with. This does not matter for the broker, the broker is regulated towards you, regardless if the instruments are under regulations or any government entity.

this means that if the broker would go belly up for some reason you will have claim to a compensation as is set under the regulations, this is in most of Europe around $25,000 and in the UK this double. You are insured where with an exchange this is not the case


Where you are trading ,m the charts , the tools and how fast the trading platform is are all important aspects for the right trading experience. There are many platforms out there but one of the most used and popular is still the Metatrader 4. There are of course other solutions like the  Openbook of Etoro which is a social trading platform. The Platform should be run by a company that knows what it is doing, a forex broker this is their bread and butter. This is what they know.


Most of the forex brokers has had it fair share of angry customers as there are enough traders that during trading make a mistake and rather blame the broker then actually take responsibility. But there are also even more Brokers that don’t take it serious when it comes to customer service and many are scam Brokers. that is why our list at Bitcoin Broker Review only have the best brokers in the industry. All these brokers stood the test of time and are known as trustworthy brokers.


It is important to point out that Trading in crypto currencies is still very new, and as such even the brokers do not know yet what this means when it comes to profits and losses for them. You want to deal with a company that has the financial backing and deep pockets to be able to turn over the profits if you were so lucky or skilled. These are in general then not the new company not start-ups that opened an exchange.


If you look to invest and simply buy an amount of for example Bitcoin or dash, then the exchange is the place to be. This is simply the market place for the cryptocurrency.

But if you plan to trade and day-trade on any cryptocurrency , the Forex brokers are the only true option , they have the experience, regulation , support, tools and finances to offer this service in the right and legal Manner.


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